'Pokemon Go' players save abandoned hamsters, baby mice

Photos courtesy Sara Perez

HOUSTON – By Kim Rogers - Staff

'Pokemon Go' revealed some unlikely heroes. Two users were out hunting Pokemon at Freeway Manor Park in South Houston Tuesday when they found a cage filled with more than 20 hamsters and Pinkie mouse babies.

Sara Perez said she and her friend, Matthew Teague, were hunting for Pokemon near the park’s tennis courts when they noticed a strange box under a tree.

“We were just surprised and confused, and we looked around the park and called out to see if anyone was there, but there was no one,” Perez said.

The animals were left in a cage in the box with no water and only birdseed. With 20 hamsters and seven Pinkie mouse babies suffering from heat exhaustion, the two Pokemon trainers had to act fast.

“I had my friend [Matthew] pick up the box and we carried it to my house, and we set them on our table and just gave them clean water and fresh food and bedding,” she said.

Luckily, all of the animals survived.

With dozens of rodents to find homes for, Perez took to the local 'Pokemon Go' online circle for assistance. In a post to the Pokemon Go: Houston Community Facebook Page, she called on other users in the area to help.

“[They’ve] been supportive. They shared my posts, and offered to take some home, and just have been saddened by the cruelty that someone would do this to the animals. I even had someone from the community come and take four of them home,” said Perez.

She plans to meet with the Houston SPCA at noon today to drop off the animals for which she couldn't find homes.

“I'm just glad I was able to save them,” said Perez.


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