Woman hogtied with duct tape during robbery in Porter

HOUSTON – Authorities searched for two robbers they said used duct tape to tie a mother's arms and legs together in her Porter home.
Irma Cruz said two men wearing construction vests knocked on her door Wednesday morning asking for water for their truck. Then, she said they pushed the door open.
Her son, Diego Villagomez described what happened.
“Two guys came in and they put a gun to her stomach saying, 'Give me the money. Give me the jewelry,'” said Villagomez.
She said the men lied and told her they were also holding her husband and older son hostage and if she kept quiet, no one would get hurt.
“They ended up tying her up in the arms and the legs and the mouth so she wouldn't scream,” said Villagomez.
They ransacked the home on Timber Lane and took off with cash and jewelry.
“My neighbor heard that she was crying, so my neighbor came running to the house and saw her on the bed, tied up,” said Villagomez.
The mother of five, who was not psychically hurt, warned her neighbors to be on alert and wished the worst for her attackers.
The family believes the men targeted their mother, because their father owns a business.
The men are described as in their 20s or 30s, wearing construction vests. They were riding in a white Chevy pickup truck with a single cab.
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office urged anyone with information to call the Major Crimes Unit at (936) 760-5876.