Young man, 2 women found dead inside Fort Bend County home

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – A young man and two women were found dead in a murder-suicide Tuesday evening at a home in Fort Bend County, according to police.

It happened at 11715 Dorrance Lane, in Meadows Place. Police said a man arrived home from work to discover three family members, his wife, mother and younger brother, shot to death inside.

According to the Meadows Place Police Department, preliminary results indicate the mother shot the female and male victims before turning the gun on herself.

A toddler and a baby were also in the home but were unharmed. They are with other relatives.

"I am very surprised," said Amelia Strickland, who lives next to the house. "It's just so sad it had to happen."

"It's very rare for it to happen here," said Miguel Alvarez, a person who lives in the neighborhood. "I feel bad."

Strickland said she got to know the family because of the two young children, who were in the house at the time but not harmed in the shooting.

"We would give them presents, because they were the same age as my grandchildren," Strickland said.

There was an idle driveway filled with cars, flowers on the doorstep and an empty house still full of questions.

Police have yet to release the names or ages of the victims, but law enforcement did say the younger brother who was killed is a minor.

Police said the bodies were taken to the medical examiner for official autopsies.