Firefighter's crucial gear stolen from vehicle

HOUSTON – The Harris County Sheriff's Office is searching for the thieves responsible for nearly a dozen vehicle burglaries in the Copperfield Subdivision area.

One of those burglaries was captured on home surveillance video when two thieves broke into Robert Rasa's SUV early Monday morning.

"It was just shock," said Rasa. "I saw all this glass on the ground. The window was busted out."

Surveillance video from Rasa's home shows the two men who brought that shock into his family's life. You can see around 1 a.m. Monday they took their time going through his SUV after breaking in through the driver's side window. 

Rasa is a volunteer firefighter and the thieves got away with not only sentimental items, but equipment Rasa uses to save lives as a first responder.

"Why anyone would want to take stuff like that? It just amazes me," Rasa said. "Stuff that I use to help the community."

The Sheriff's Office told KPRC 2 that the burglary at Rasa's home was one of at least nine that have occurred in the last eight days in the Cypress area near Highway 6 and West Road. At least three of the burglaries happened at the Villages of Copperfield Apartments.

"It makes you afraid and worried," said Jessica Garces, who lives in the complex. "And you don't want to leave anything in your car."

Aaron Pittman was one of the victims. He discovered the burglary taking his daughter to school.

"My door is messed up," said Pittman. "It no longer works for the lock. I got problems with the window ever since."

This current string of burglaries has the entire neighborhood taking precautions, trying to prevent becoming the next victim.

"I'll make sure to look in my car and make sure I'm taking all my belongings and valuables," said Garces. "Because if they're in the house I would think that they're safe."

The burglaries have been reported at different times during the day, but most have occurred between the evening and overnight hours.

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