Pizza delivery man says he was attacked, robbed in NE Houston

HOUSTON – A Houston pizza delivery man was attacked and robbed on the job Tuesday night.

The incident happened at a home on Minden Street at Hoffman on Houston's northeast side.

James Cowart still had dried blood and bruises covering his face Thursday.

"It was swollen right here around my eyebrows, my right eye was half shut," he said.

He says on Tuesday night, he was delivering pizza for Papa John's, when he was called out to an apartment complex near Lockwood and the North Loop.

"I pulled down here looking for 5488, I got waived in down here, (and it) turns out to be a vacancy," said Cowart.

Cowart said he was approached by six teenagers as soon as he got of the vehicle.

"I pulled the food out and told them how much it was going to be," Cowart said. "I got blindsided, which is pretty obvious, and one ran off with the bag of pizzas."

Cowart was hit a second time but managed to stumble to a neighboring apartment and knock on the door.

"I opened the door, and the guy was bleeding," said the neighbor, Benie. "(He said) ‘Call the police, call the police, I just got robbed.'" 

Benie says he gave Cowart a towel for his face and helped him call his manager.

This isn't the first time James has been robbed while delivering pizzas. The first time was in July 2013. He says two gunmen stole his cell phone and then shot him in the elbow as he tried to drive off.

Cowart says he will be back at work Friday but this time he will stay more alert while out on deliveries.