Houston mom taking up fight to legalize a chemical found in marijuana

HOUSTON – Seventeen-year-old Caroline DeLuca suffers from a disorder that causes catastrophic epilepsy.  Her mother, Elizabeth DeLuca, said Caroline has too many seizures, daily, to count.

Elizabeth DeLuca said, "It's an epilepsy that cannot be stopped with the traditional medications that are available now."

DeLuca and other moms across the country are asking states and the federal government to lower the pharmaceutical level of CBD oil.  It's a compound in cannabis.  She wants to make it legal in Texas and other states.

"The chemical in marijuana that does not produce the high," DeLuca said. "That has been removed.   And then it's mixed with oil and then the oil is administered to the child either orally or through their feeding tube."

DeLuca said she and others plan to flood the White House with cards asking for the first lady's help getting the president's support.  DeLuca explained, "Ours' says #cannabisismedicinetexas.  And then on Feb. 5, we are all going to mail out those cards.   And then on or about Feb. 9, Michelle Obama will be receiving a deluge of just thousands and thousands of postcards from children and young adults from across the country."

DeLuca said Caroline's situation is worsening as she can no longer walk or swallow.  Her mom wants to give her the best life possible.  But she says she needs help from the federal government.  "She would just love to have a few seizure-free days, (that) would be great," said DeLuca.