José Altuve’s Big Head: Meet the artist who makes big heads

HOUSTON – Jose Olvera took Houston Life inside his studio in Jersey Village.

Jose has been an artist for decades. He created his first big Papier-mâché head so he would stand out on community bicycle rides in Houston. The Big Heads are enjoyed by people all over Houston.

Jose has made Frankenstein, Jose Altuve, Dracula, a Mummy, a Werewolf, and JJ Watt, with more on the way. He uses recycled materials to create these detailed projects.

“That’s the fun part about it, creating something out of nothing,” Jose says.

He says he’s always up for the challenge of his own designs!

“That’s what I try to teach to a lot of people, and encourage them, get creative, it doesn’t have to cost you much to do a project, just DO a project,” Jose added.

Jose follows the wise advice of an artist who taught him.

“I was taught something very young by an art teacher, to be a great artist, you want to be different,” he said.

You can follow Jose, on IG: @Olverajosec

Watch his full creation in the video above.

About the Author:

Tessa Barrera was born and raised in Corpus Christi.