Here’s how Houston can win Beyoncés Mute Challenge 🐝🐝

HOUSTON – Beyoncé's Renaissance tour is coming this weekend to NRG stadium for two spectacular shows and H-Town, it’s our time to step up and win the viral ‘Mute Challenge.’

If you don’t know what it is, during the song ‘Energy’ the whole stadium must be quiet for five seconds until Beyoncé continues with the next line: Look around, it’s me and my crew. Big energy.

So far on her tour, only two cities have received approval from Queen Bey herself, Washington, DC, and Atlanta. But we all want Beyoncé to be even prouder of her hometown, so we had a superfan to help guide the local Beyhive to take it up a notch!!

Dr. Jamie Freeny, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Advocate and self-appointed board member of the Beyhive who has never missed a concert, album release, or merch drop, joined us in-studio to show you how to do the mute challenge properly.

Watch the complete video above.

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