Exercise at home with this cardio tone workout from Hoodfit

HOUSTON – If you are looking for a new low-impact but effective way to exercise, Houston-based trainer Erica Hood can help you.

She stopped by Houston Life to show you all about her signature cardio tone workout, a fun group of exercises for all fitness levels.

She recommends cardio tone for a workout that’s gentle on your joints while improving your stamina aka better than running,” said Hood, the founder of the digital fitness studio Hoodfit.

You can do the following exercises with light weights.

1. Plié Punch Twist

2. Plié Overhead Press

3. Plié Punches

4. Lunge Curls

5. Squat Punch Punch

Hood will be featuring cardio tone in her upcoming Rise & Thrive challenge.

“I’m launching a 4-week workout challenge that starts on September 17th - a fully digital workout program that your viewers can join in and do from home with minimal equipment.

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If you’d like to train with Hood, she teaches classes weekly in the Heights at O Athletik gym and hosts monthly community events in the city.

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