Inside the colorful new roller rink to open at Seismique immersive art museum

HOUSTON – If you haven’t been, Seismique Houston is a mind-bending, interactive experience filled with plenty of immersive exhibits and stunning displays designed to entertain and inspire guests.

The 40,000 square foot venue is now adding something even more fun - the RollerWave roller skating rink!

Based out of Brooklyn, RollerWave founder Harry Martin decided that Houston was the perfect place to open their newest location with our fantastic roller skating culture and community.

By merging the artistry and history of roller skating with the educational and immersive environment of a museum, the new venture will provide visitors with a unique and memorable experience while promoting cultural appreciation and physical activity in a fun, innovative way.

The rink is fun for all ages, and will be an add on to your purchased ticket into Seismique.

The roller rink will open in the next few weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for the grand opening date!

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