I’ceÈ Collection fashionable looks for college students for any campus occasion

HOUSTON – It’s fashion for college students!

When it’s back-to-school time, we typically discuss clothes for grade school students. But what about young adults?

That’s where 23-year-old Icelande Robinso steps in. A recent college graduate herself, she opened her 6-figure boutique when she was 19. Originally from Louisiana and inspired by her mother’s creative style, Icelande started her enterprise called I’ceÈ (ice-say) Collection.

I’ceÈ Collection is an online boutique that has something for every type of boss lady: the comfortable boss, the day party boss, the chic boss, the boss who enjoys nightlife, and of course, the boss lady who means business.

Icelande often helps college students with mentoring, styling, and helping them through her latest book, “Juggling It All - A Guide To Achieving Success In Your 20s”.

And today on Houston Life, she shows three looks perfect for campus life. See her back-to-school college collection in the video above.

If you like her style, visit her online boutique → here.

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