Houston Life Looks at Never Before Seen Private Barbie Collection

HOUSTON – Houston is hot…..pink. Yep, it’s a Barbie world right now as the Barbie movie hits cinemas but for Melissa Whiting of Houston everyday is a Barbie day. Melissa’s private collection of Barbie’s has been growing since 1997 and she invited Houston Life into her home to take a look at the Barbie’s she has collected.

Barbie’s that before now had only been seen by Melissa’s close friends and family. Melissa got her first Barbie in 1983 but didn’t become a serious collector until her mother gifted her a special Barbie bride and groom couple in 1997.

“I’ve always had a love for Barbie. Ever since I was a child back in ‘83 when I first got my first dream house, my dolls, my RV camper, with a swimming pool and the Corvette. And so, I’ve always been a Barbie fan,” said Melissa.

Melissa has over 300 dolls including some of the cast of the Barbie movie.

“I have an array of dolls from the Disney characters to the celebrities. I go from Tina Turner to Destiny’s Child, Halle Berry, Kimora. And then, I’ve got my Air Force collection. I’ve got Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, all of these beautiful dolls,” she said.

Some of Melissa’s dolls could be worth up to $500 but she said she will never sell one doll, ever.

“I’ll keep the dolls. I love Barbie. I’m keeping Barbie!” she said.

See the collection in the video above.

About the Author:

Melanie Camp is a correspondent on KPRC 2’s Houston Life.