Summer travel tips and hacks: What you need to know before heading to the airport ✈️ ✈️

HOUSTON – How often have you traveled? Do you know all the rules? Or what to do when a flight is delayed?

If you’re looking for travel advice, ‘Travel Tips by Laurie’ has tips and hack to pack like a pro and get through those long security lines.

According to Laurie, travelers who are 75 and over, and 12 and under do not have to take off their shoes. And if you’re one of the travelers who have to take off their shoes, wear slip-on shoes or loosen the laces to get through the lines faster.

After you get through those lines, and if the flight is delayed, pack some snacks to keep the hunger pains away. Plus, at IAH, travelers can rent Minute Suites by the hour to pass the time in private.

But what do you do when your luggage gets lost? One of Laurie’s helpful tips that went viral on social media was packing a compression cube of shirts and underwear in her personal bag, not her carry-on. Since overhead bins in planes run out of space, the airline may have to check in your carry-on at the last minute. This way, you have some essential items in case the carry-on suitcase gets lost.

For Laurie’s complete tips on what to expect at the airport, watch the video above.

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