Try this couples workout after your Valentine’s Day indulgences!

HOUSTON – Valentine’s Day is a day for love, sweetness, and a nice dinner with either your boo, or bestie! The holiday calls for sugar, candies and sweets galore! It’s 100% okay to indulge and satisfy those love day cravings, but tomorrow, if you’re ready to snap back into a fitness routine, try a couples or a bestie workout!

Grab your partner, BFF or anyone to get your sweat on! Yolanda Armour, Studio Leader from Life Time Cypress demonstrated three exercises to get you movin’!

1. MEDICINE BALL TOSS AND SQUAT: Start with knees hip-length apart, hold the ball to your chest, squat and pass the ball to your partner on your way up.

2. LUNGES WITH MEDICINE BALL PASSES: Bring your right leg to the front, sinking down into your lunge, twisting your body to activate your core, while passing the ball and keeping still in the lunge position. Switch legs between each circuit.

3. HOP OVER BURPEES AND PLANK HOLDS: This exercise does not require a ball. Go into a forearm plank, step over your partner, and do a burpee, repeat and switch.

Keep in mind, these exercises can be done from home! If you don’t have a weight or medicine ball, you can use something lying around in your house! Your kids may have a few balls out in the backyard so you can use those, or try tossing a bag of rice--carefully!

For these exercises, do each for a minute, and repeat 2-3 times to create a circuit. You don’t need a specific amount of a time for a workout to get your heart pumping. Use whatever time you have, and try to do as many reps as possible in that window.

Watch the video above to see a live demonstration of each exercise.

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