‘Unspeakable’ challenge: H-Town’s own YouTuber to fill Toyota Center with 2 million balls in first-ever live show

HOUSTON – H-Town’s very own YouTuber “Unspeakable” has a goal on Jan. 21: turn the Toyota Center into a massive ball pit. It’s said to be the most extreme challenge yet.

Unspeakable, whose real name is Nathan Graham, plans to fill more than one million balls inside the arena, and he wants his fans to be a part of it.

With five channels across YouTube, at a combined 30 million subscribers, Graham not only does gaming videos, but also does vlogging and showcase real-life experiences.

“I guess the best way to describe it is.. ‘what is the craziest thing you can think of?’” he said. “Whether your kid wants to fill their house with balls or build a life-size home with legos and many more.”

Road to YouTube success

Graham’s path to YouTube began at age 12 when he started playing Minecraft.

“I was thinking of a good YouTube Channel name, and Unspeakable just clicked,” he said. “I was like ‘That’s a word that people don’t use very often,’ and I just went with it.”

Later, at 14 years old, he began recording himself playing Minecraft “just for fun.”

“The videos were terrible, I mean I didn’t post them, I just filmed them for fun. I used a flip camera to film the videos and film, you know…weird stuff.”

Graham knew that he loved to create things in the physical world, as well as the digital world.

But his success didn’t stop there. Once three years in, specifically in 2016, Graham said he noticed a bump in video views on his channel, specifically his Minecraft videos.

“I started to notice I was getting enough views and I realized that I was like ‘Okay, I could turn this into something. This could be a business, this could be my future.’

When asked about his inspirations, Graham said that it’s “a little bit of everyone,” including the works of CaseyNeistat.

“Honestly a lot of people, anyone that was above me in terms of subscribers,” he added. “I basically watched a lot of Minecraft videos on YouTube and just took inspiration from it.”

Record-breaking show

This would be the first live show for the 24-year-old Houston native, and he’s not worried; as his friends, James and Gabe--who he says are the most important part of his videos--will join him.

“We can’t really make videos without (friends),” he said, “It’s pretty hard to have fun by yourself, so you gotta have fun with your friends. So honestly, without them, we wouldn’t be able to create the videos we make today.”

Not only his friends James and Gabe will join Graham at Houston’s Toyota Center, but special guest Preston Arsement, also known as “PrestonPlayz” on YouTube will join him.

The group plans to bring some of the challenges based on their videos, and other fun stuff.

“My biggest mission is for everyone to smile, laugh, and have a great time,” Graham said.

See “Unspeakable” at the Toyota Center Saturday, Jan. 21. The show will also be livestreamed globally!

To learn more and to buy tickets, click here.

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