Super Saturday Event at Lone Star College

Houston – Do you have plans this Saturday? If not, Lone Star College wants to see you either in person or virtually at their Super Saturday event. The school is rolling out the red carpet to welcome potential students and their families. Whether you’re straight out of high school took a few years off, or just want to take a few classes later in life. Lone Star wants to help.

It’s the beginning of a new year. What better time than now to advance your education and career the Lone Star College is the place to get you started hosting an event that will make the enrollment process simple. Super Saturday is an opportunity for students to visit with an advisor or counselor or do testing to talk to someone about financial aid.

Seelpa Keshvala is the Executive Vice Chancellor and CEO of Lone Star College Online. “If somebody is interested in just taking a class or getting back and getting a quality higher education. Come to Lone Star College, " she said on Houston Life.

The event puts all the information you need in one place on the same day.

Archie Blanson, who is President of Lone Star College North Harris, said this means that you can make one trip and see everyone that you need to see, “and you don’t have to come back to talk to someone about registration, come back and talk to someone about financial aid.” Lonestar College experts can help you whether you are coming to see the College for the first time or you are a returning student. You, “...can talk to the professors...actually walk and get tours of the campus,” said Blanson.

Super Saturday is family friendly and prospective students are encourage to bring their families along too.

If you can not make it in person, Lone Star College has got you covered.

“If you are interested in just coming to a Super Saturday virtually we are offering that as well, an online option, folks can just go to so it’s something for everyone and just really giving folks a really easy way to get started,” said Keshvala

Lone Star College North Harris Campus opened in 1975, over 50 years ago. Since then, Lone Star College has grown into eight colleges, including online and has eight workforce centers, five satellite centers, and has over 80,000 Students enrolled each semester

Lone Star is affordable, and it’s flexible. We have classes that start at seven o’clock in the morning, classes throughout the day, classes at night, and classes on weekends. So we really do have something for anyone,” said Blanson.

Whether it is offering flexible schedules or online learning, Lone Star College is committed to providing a smooth path to education. One way they help their students is by addressing the need for for laptops and iPads with a new program called Tech Connect, ensuring each student stays connected. “We started his program about a year and a half ago and we assign every student on this campus iPad or laptop where they can actually connect to our internet, do their homework, surf the internet, do whatever research they need to do, but it’s something they can take home,” explained Blanson.

Another part of Lone Star is the Honors College which is designed to meet the needs of high achieving students seeking to improve their college transcripts. Blanson said this has helped break the stigma surrounding the idea of two year, community colleges. “We only bring programs that are going to enhance lives...improve lives and improve communities.”

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