Alex Bregman reveals the inspiration behind his foundation ‘Bregman Cares’

HOUSTON – When he’s not winning World Championship rings, Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is committed to making a difference in the lives of children with autism through his foundation ‘Bregman Cares.’

And there’s a personal reason why this cause is so dear to his heart, his godson Brady Columbus is autistic.

Alex stopped by Houston Life alongside Dr. Summer Gainey, President of Bregman Cares, to share Brady’s story and explain how the community can help more kids like Brady before Christmas.

Brady, who is 9 years old, is the son of Jason Columbus, Alex’s batting coach, and longtime friend.

“His parents Tish and Jason were trying to find something to help their son and we decided we wanted to start their own foundation to help children with Autism. It started back in Albuquerque, and it transformed here in Houston. Initially, we were putting iPads in schools to help children how to communicate and it was he success. Now we want to elevate it and take it to the next level and try to help as many kids as possible with autism here in Houston, said Bregman, who told us what he’s trying to accomplish with his foundation.

“We want to be the leading place to go for children with autism here in Houston,” he said.

Bregman also chatted about life as a dad and reacted to the news of Jose Abreu’s joining the Astros.

To see Bregman’s complete interview, watch the complete interview above.

If you’d like to support Bregman Cares this holiday season and beyond, they are collecting new toys for local families with children with Autism and developmental disabilities.

For a link to find the closest toy donation box in your area, click here.

And to donate to Bregman Cares, click here.

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