For your home: DIY and custom doormats!

HOUSTON – With the holiday season in full swing, we’ve got a fun DIY project you can do at home, FOR YOUR HOME. Or you can gift one to a friend or family member for Christmas! Houston Native Eboni Roberts, Founder and Creative Director of Kicky Mats stopped by to demonstrate this creative and artsy craft with Courtney and Katherine—guest hosting for Derrick Shore today!

Kicky Mats was created as a hobby that Eboni promoted via social media and word-of-mouth within the Houston area. She received tons of positive feedback and was able to turn her side hustle hobby into a full-time career—how amazing!?

Social media has been her target outlet for selling the brand. With a strong reach and over 135K+ followers on Instagram, she’s received MILLIONS of views via reels and shares, bringing a huge amount of support to her former hobby, turned business! Oh, and these doormats are guaranteed to turn heads! They’re just THAT GOOD.

Kicky Mats now has a brick and mortar available in the Heights of Houston and brings an element of FREEDOM. With positive affirmation art throughout the studio, Eboni made it a priority to encourage others to connect and bring positive vibes while in the studio.

And guess what? There are MAT PAINTING PARTIES! These fun parties will allow you to express yourself and paint a custom doormat you enjoy, can relate to, and will actually USE at your house. You can get your paint on and listen to music played in the studio, and bond with others in your paint party. Since offering these painting parties, the events sell out quickly and continue to grow.

Kicky Mats has also been seen and noticed by Beyoncé's website and mentioned by the Oprah Winfrey Network on social media!

Watch the video above to learn more about Kicky Mats and to see Courtney and Katherine paint their DIY mats in the order of these steps:

1. Kicky Mat

2. Paint

3. Stencil

To get your own Kicky Mat, and for more information about scheduling a mat painting party, click here. And follow their Instagram and TikTok, to see some of their amazing designs. Their studio is located at 1302 Houston Ave Suite 600, Houston, TX 77007.

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