Halloween with Glam and Drama!

The HL team never disappoints when it comes to Halloween. Check out the newest addition to the Bravo lineup. The Real Housewives of Houston!

It’s Halloween... ‘Houston Life’ style!

We continue our annual Halloween costume tradition. This year we’re bringing the glam and the drama!

Watch the video above to see this year’s costume and skit!

Plus, need last minute costume help? We’ve asked one of the best in the entertainment biz for tips. A Cirque de Soleil makeup artist gives us Halloween makeup advice.

And, from TV’s favorite monster family, the original Eddie Munster, Butch Patrick, joins us in studio. We’ll chat about his memories of the show. Find out why he’s spending Halloween in Houston here!

Watch the video below for behind the scenes footage of The Real Housewives of Houston!

Did you catch the first look at the reality series coming to Houston? D’Erica, Daytona, Lorraine Champagne, and Melanie Vanderpink from The Real Housewives of Houston (better known as Derrick, Courtney, Lauren, and Mel) take you behind the scenes of how it was all created.

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