Halloween-themed rice balls: Easy recipe to make with your kids

A local 7-year-old kid chef shows you the easy steps!

HOUSTON – If you need to keep the kiddos entertained this Halloween season without leaving home, get them in the kitchen.

Local kid chef Mina Cole and her mom Machiko Cole show you a fun and easy recipe that looks spooky, tastes delicious, and only uses 3 ingredients: rice, salt, and seaweed. It’s called Onigiri or Japanese rice balls, and you can add in designs such as cats, mummies, and spiders to give it a chilling look.

Mina Cole with two Halloween-Themed Onigiri (Cole Family)

Mina, who is 7 years old, is known for sharing kid-friendly recipes on her social media platforms and earlier this year she published her first cookbook, Rock your Kitchen. Her love for cooking blossomed during the COVID-19 pandemic while quarantining with her family. Now it is her mission to encourage kids all over the world to explore and take in all the fun of cooking.

Mina collaborated with British sisters Monika, Sienna & Kayla from Triplets in My Kitchen to create this adorable recipe on social media. They encourage everyone to post their recipes with the hashtag #onigiriaction now through November 6th, 2022.

To see the complete steps and tips, watch the video above.

Ingredients: Cooked Japanese sticky rice (short-grained rice), salt, and seaweed. (optional: sliced white cheese).

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