Peek inside the DeLorean Motor Company headquarters in Humble

HOUSTON – The car made famous by the movie ‘Back to the Future’ is headed to the future with its first new model in 40 years. That is right, a new DeLorean has been announced and in anticipation of its arrival, Houston Life headed to Classic DeLorean in Humble to take a look at a bit of the company’s history.

“Classic DeLorean is where it all began. Between John DeLorean’s company, our stewardship since the mid 90s, and now the carry on company, that has the evolutionary model, that’s what’s gonna take it into the future,” said James Espey.

Espey is President at Classic DMC, the company that has the rights to the DeLorean name and a whole lot of original parts.

Long story short, in the mid 90s, a British-born, at the time, Houston-based mechanic, Stephen Wynne bought the rights to the DeLorean name and warehouse full of original parts, right down to those gullwing doors, all of which he had shipped to a garage in Humble.

“We have about three and a half million original factory parts from 1980. To here in this building,” said Espey.

A classic Delorean and those famous Gull-Wing doors (Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click 2 Houston - All Rights Reserved)

Espey started working at Classic DMC in the summer of ‘99. “And when I started here, I wanted there to be a new DeLorean, not just the original classic DeLorean. Basically, we spent the last 23 years trying to get us to that point,” he said of the anticipation he has for the new model that is slated for production some time in 2024.

The new DeLorean Alpha5 will be able to give you a hug and with four seats, there will be plenty of room for the whole family. While the fully electric car will easily reach 88 miles per hour, do not expect any time traveling capabilities. Flux Capacitors are not included.

“I think it’s a great evolution of where the company would have been had they continued. It was never meant to be a another classic car,” said Espey.

As excitement builds around the first new model in 40 years, the classic DeLorean continues to hold a place in many hearts. Rafa Carnews traveled from Mexico, hoping to get a tour of the garage that is a service spot for many Deloreans.

“I’m very surprised to see all of these DeLoreans... I know that are only 9000 in the world,” said Carnews of the rare DeLorean DMC-12 of which a number sat in the garage parking lot.

“I know there’s about 200 here in the Houston area. But with 3 million people, probably 2 million cars in Houston, you’re probably not likely to see a fraction of a percent of those on the road very often. Unless you’re really lucky, or you live by us,” said Espey.

But, before you think you can just swing by and get a tour of the garage here, as Carnews discovered, you can’t. Doors are closed to the public. It does not matter where in the world you are visiting from, unless, you are a DeLorean in need of a tune up.

“We’ve had cars come in from Australia, Canada, Mexico, all across the United States, just because we have everything here at our fingertips. So, the best service is done by our trained staff that have access to the best possible parts.

Tyler Strothers is a mechanic at Classic DMC.

“I did grow up right around the corner and had always been curious about working here and thought the idea was cool, and then when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it. There’s not really anything like it in today’s market and there hasn’t really been anything like it since its production,” he said.

Production slots for the new Delorean were released as NFTs in early October this year. The NFTs were available to purchase by those who had joined the Lifetime Alphas Club. Membership cost $88.

“None of us have a crystal ball to look into the future. If we if we did, I’m sure we’d all do some things a lot differently than we had in the past. But I think, you know, that was John’s thing, you had to keep looking to the future because more than likely whether or not you wanted to or not, it’s coming.”

Watch the video above for a peek inside the Classic DMC garage.

You can take a virtual tour of the garage at Otherwise, please do not show up in person. The garage is closed to the public.

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