Celebrating 100 years of the Houston Zoo with a special birthday bash

The Houston Zoo is going big for its 100th anniversary this weekend, and it's going to be one “wild” party. Jackie Wallace, senior director of public relations for the Houston Zoo, shares all the details in our H-Town Sitdown. For the full event schedule and tickets, visit the Houston Zoo’s website.

HOUSTON – The Houston Zoo is turning 100 with a “wild” celebration.

From feeding the giraffes to watching the elephants swim - the Houston Life team gets a sneak peek of all the fun happening for families to enjoy at the zoo.

Here’s a look at some of the fun!

Asian elephants

Feeding the giraffes

Saving the Attwater prairie chickens

Feeding time with the Galapagos tortoises

Meet the African Painted Dogs and Dingoes that call the Houston Zoo home

For the full event schedule and ticket information, visit the zoo’s website.