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Houston Life Wine Club Poured by H-E-B

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HOUSTON – Cheers to Wine Club Wednesday, Poured by H‑E‑B!

If you’re keeping an eye on your sugar intake and calorie count, today’s featured wines are just for you. Lightly Wines are carefully made with lower sugars (and lower alcohol) for the more health-conscious wine enthusiast. The company ferments part of each harvest as an alcohol-free wine, then blends that into their regular wine to keep the alcohol content low while at the same time producing a delicious bottle that’s filled with flavor. Today we’re highlighting a red and a white. The white is a premium Sauvignon Blanc from Monterrey, California and has delicious notes of citrus, melon and guava. A 5oz serving has just 85 calories and ZERO grams of sugar! The red is a Pinot Noir, also from California, with notes of dark cherry and plum. Also just 85 calories and zero grams per serving. If you aren’t sold yet, wait until you hear the price point: they’re each $12 per bottle. $12! So give these sippers a whirl and I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Also today, it was a special treat getting to know two of our wine club members, League City husband and wife Amy and Gregg. Both alums of A & M, they have two children – a 16 year old son and a daughter in her second year of law school. Gregg is a realtor and Amy is a second grade teacher with more than 25 years under her belt. Despite fertility issues and even a cancer diagnosis, Amy and her husband have pushed through their hardships and this year they’ll celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

So let’s raise a glass to Gregg and Amy. Cheers to being cancer free, cheers to a loving family, and cheers to (at least!) 30 more years of marriage.

Happy sipping!

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