Two local moms share uplifting kids book ‘Winona & Gus & The Coronavirus’

HOUSTON – Robyn Goldstein and Julie Beasley are sharing their story of “Winona & Gus & the Coronavirus” with viewers just in time for ‘National Tell A Story Day.’

The book is about how kids have dealt with the last year like lil’ champs...adapting to their world’s new changes. Learning about things like facemasks, social distancing, and even the shortage of toilet paper.

Robyn and Julie didn’t know each other before the pandemic, even though their kids went to the same school.

Julie noticed Robyn’s YardPeeps sign around town (the original sign that saluted essential workers when the pandemic began), and so she found her on Facebook and reached out.

Julie wrote the pandemic story, and Robyn’s drawings were a perfect fit.

Watch as Robyn and Julie chat with Lauren Kelly about their book’s uplifting message.

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