‘Long Island Medium’ Star Theresa Caputo brings her supernatural gift to The Woodlands

“When I’m at The Woodlands is a night of healing”

HOUSTON – For almost 10 years, Theresa Caputo has been delivering messages from loved ones who have passed on the other side with her popular reality series “Long Island Medium.”

And now Caputo is bringing her gift of communicating with spirit to The Woodlands.

The reality TV star joined Houston Life with all details of what you can expect in this socially distanced event.

Poster for Theresa Caputo Live (Theresa Caputo Live)

“When I’m at The Woodlands is a night of healing,” said the New York Times best-selling author and celebrated medium.

“Spirit has me talking about things you’ve experienced, that you’ve witnessed with your two eyes. Whether you believe in mediums or not, you can’t deny what you felt or what you saw and know that what your loved one soul is with you just in a different way,” said Caputo, who promises to bring peace and comfort as she delivers messages from the other side.

According to Caputo, she has seen, felt, and sensed spirit since she was 4 years old.

“I struggled with my gift for many years because I couldn’t understand why would someone want to come and see mediums speak to their loved one that has died, but what I learned is that unfortunately no matter who we lose or we died, young or old, we here in the physical world are left with these negative emotions, and at the end of the day all these negative emotions do not give us a way to heal,” she said.

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