Meet the Houston family turned reality TV stars on HBO Max’s ‘House of Ho’

Washington and Leslie Ho are two members of a wealthy and traditional Vietnamese American family living in Houston. The married couple talked to Houston Life about putting their families and our city in the small screen on the HBO MAX’s series “House of Ho.”

HOUSTON – Married couple Washington and Lesley Ho are two members of a wealthy and traditional Vietnamese American family living in Houston.

The Ho’s are also the focus of “House of Ho,” a reality docuseries that follows the power struggles and tension when Binh and Hue, immigrants who achieved the American dream, try to control the lives of their adult children Washington and Judy Ho.

Poster for "House of Ho" (HBO Max)

“We’ve gotten really good feedback from the show. Underneath behind all the extravagant purses, airplanes, and all the money and all the caviar that you see; the underlying story of the American dream is how his father came to America and it’s true. No matter what background you come from, anything is possible in America as long as you have a dream and go after it,” said Lesley, who’s been married to Washington for five years and comes from a modest Oklahoma background.

“Every day I feel like it’s a whole level of the Ho life. Definitely not like I grew up with, but they’re all very humble people” said Lesley about this prominent family who made millions in the bank and real estate industry.

The series is mostly set in River Oaks and features restaurants and landmarks around the city.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to show the world how great the city of Houston is and I’m very proud of the project. I’m very proud of working with HBO and I feel like a legend. Basically, I feel like I’ve put Houston on the map in the right way,” said Washington, who is first in line to take over the family businesses, and who we see in the show being constantly spoiled and defended by his mom.

“I feel like whether we’re Asian, or no matter the socio-economic status, this mother-in-law and daughter-in law-relationship resonates to so many different people,” said Lesley, who has two kids with Washington.

“House of Ho” also shows the unexplored conflict in Washington’s marriage and how he’s trying to step out of his father’s shadow, all while showing their rich traditions and love for each other.

HBO Max's "House of Ho" (HBO Max)

“We’re proud to be Americans. We’re proud of being Vietnamese and we show that in the show,” said Washington.

To hear the reason why Presidential names, exist in their family, watch the complete interview in the video above.

“House of Ho” is streaming now on HBO Max.

To see the trailer for House of Ho, watch the video below.

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