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6 spring break ideas for families in Houston

Fun indoor and outdoor activities for all ages!

6 spring break ideas for families in Houston | HOUSTON LIFE| KPRC 2
6 spring break ideas for families in Houston | HOUSTON LIFE| KPRC 2

HOUSTON – If you are wondering what to do to keep the family busy and entertained during spring break, we’ve got you covered.

Amanda Sorena, a contributor with the parenting website Mommy Nearest, rounded up the 6 best activities happening around Houston to kick boredom to the curb.

1. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience (Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience)

Explore Vincent van Gogh’s most compelling works

Cost: $19.90 for children, $34.90 for adults

Website: here

“This is an immersive art experience that you will go in and it has twenty thousand square feet of different artworks from Van Gogh. You can really immerse yourself in his world. There’s also a VR experience in which you can do 3D and do a day in the life of Van Gogh the artist. Keep in mind you’re going to have to be masked to go there,” said Sorena.

2. Seismique


Check out Houston’s permanent experiential art museum

Cost: $28 - $45 depending on age

Website: here

“Seismique opened in December, but if you haven’t been it’s definitely worth your time. There are 40 different artist-curated different rooms with 40 thousand square feet. Each one of them is different. Each one of them is full of life and color. Some of them are touch-sensitive. So, there’s hand sanitizer in the room but bring your own. You also want to be masked and those tickets are also timed for maximum social distancing,” said Sorena.

3. ROCO on Buffalo Bayou

ROCO on the Bayou (Alecia lAWYER)

Enjoy the outdoors with a musical scavenger hunt on the Bayou.

Cost: Free

Website: here

“Buffalo Bayou has a musical scavenger hunt going on along the bayou. There are 40 different QR codes hidden around different artworks and landmarks along the bayou, and when you scan your code and listen to them, you’re going to hear a piece from the Houston Ensemble piece ROCO that has been curated for that landmark. If you want to cheat a little bit, you can go and find a map online so you can pick which ones you want to go to,” said Sorena.

4. Art Heist: A True Crime walking experience

Art Heist (Art Heist: A True Crime walking experience)

Become a detective and solve history’s biggest art heist

Cost: $39.50 to $44.50 per person

Website: here

“The Society of Performing Arts of Houston has an outdoor theatre experience because we’ve all been missing those indoor theater performances. This one is called Art Heist and is a little bit different because you’re doing to be the detective. So, these different performers are going to be on your way. You’ll start at George R. Brown and they’ll help guide you along Downtown as you solve the mystery of this art heist. That one is also asking you to be masked and they’re going to keep groups less than 30,” said Sorena.

5. Mr. Pixel’s Classic Arcade

Mr. Pixel’s Classic Arcade (Amanda Sorena)

Travel back to the ’80s with vintage games for all ages

Cost: $8 a player during general admission time

Website: here

“Mr. Pixel is a 1980′s arcade; we’re talking everything from pinball machines to mortal combat to all to that. They have general admission, which you would want to wear a mask for. But what we have done, which has been super fun, is we rented out the whole place for ourselves. So, anything under 10 people, you get up to 3 hours, and the prices range from $120 to $150 for that whole 3 hours, and quarters are not needed for any of this stuff. So that’s your full price,” said Sorena.

6. KidPass

KidPass (©fizkes -

Keep the kids busy with fun, online classes

Cost: Free to $30 per class. Use the code “KPGIFT25” to get $25 off your first class.

Website: here

“KidPass is a national organization that has online classes. If you’re looking for a dance class, a music class, if you’re looking for an art class, they have wonderful different curators from all over the country that they’re teaching these classes. And they have a discount code for Houston Life,” said Sorena.

Since launching in 2013, Mommy Nearest has become the most trusted app and website for parents looking to discover family-friendly places across the country, including right here in Houston.

To connect with Mommy Nearest, visit their website or download the free Mommy Nearest app for iPhone and Android.

About the Author:

Beatriz is a producer for Houston life. She’s a dog mom who enjoys traveling and eating her way through new cities and cultures.