4 tips for an easy spring cleaning

Clean smarter, not harder

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HOUSTON – Spring is the most popular time of the year for home maintenance and deep cleaning.

To help you tackle your chore list faster and more efficiently, Kathryn Emery, home improvement & lifestyle expert, shares 4 products for an easy spring cleaning.

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1. Tackle deep cleaning with a battery-powered shop vac.

Greenworks Shop Vac (Greenworks)

Product: Greenworks Shop Vac

“Some call it a shop vac, I call it a Wet Dry vac – it cleans up everything, wet messes, dry messes, big messes – you can use it everywhere inside and outside and is easy to move around. It’s great for things regular vacs can’t get. It is lightweight and compact so you can move it around with you, with strong wheels with 360-degree movement. Use the power to get hard to reach, higher areas. It is the everything vacuum you need in your life,” said Emery.

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2. Change your trash can and go touchless.

Rubbermaid Trash Can (Rubbermaid)

Product: Rubbermaid Trash Can

“We don’t think about our trash cans, but it is a receptacle for germs. Look for a wide foot pedal that provides easy access, to reduce the spread of germs from hands. This Rubbermaid series 3 has it; plus, with its clean lines and modern look, it matches all appliances. It has a liner lock that hides the bags and secures the bag to the container to prevent slipping. It has interior venting channels to make removing heavy trash bags effortless,” said Emery.

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3. Let your light bulbs help fight germs for you.

Sylvania LightSHIELD Germicidal Light Bulb (Sylvania)

Product: Sylvania LightSHIELD Germicidal Light Bulb

“This is a revolutionary way to clean. Sylvania LightSHIELD light bulbs are everyday lights with germ-fighting benefits. You basically just screw in the light bulb and it help fights germs and odors. The room’s natural air circulation brings the germs, odors into contact with the LightSHIELD surface, where they are decomposed, disinfected, and/or neutralized. These are everyday light bulbs, in bright white and soft white, 60W equivalent that will last ten years,” said Emery.

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4. Steam mops offer a healthier, more green way of cleaning.

Shark Steam Mop (Kathryn Emery)

Product: Shark Steam Mop

“They start around $60 and you can clean with just the steam, no need for cleaners. A lot of the steam mops come with microfiber pads. You can choose from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs with the smart set digital steam control. It’s a great choice for people that suffer from allergies,” she said.

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