Around Town: Come face-to-face with prehistoric beasts at the Houston Zoo this spring break

HOUSTON – This spring break enjoy the outdoors at the Houston Zoo and take advantage of the brand-new Prehistoric Beasts Exhibit opening tomorrow, March 6 – September 6.

Guests will come face-to-face with giant, animatronic beasts, like an 8-foot-tall Terror Bird, Sabertooth Tiger with 11-inch-long canines, Dire Wolf large enough to hunt bison, T-Rex’s larger cousin Gigantosaurus, and many more.

Guests will be able to spot the connections between animals at the Zoo and these prehistoric creatures. After guests experience the exhibit, they can visit their modern-day descendants, including the Malayan tiger, green anaconda, black bear, bald eagle, and more.

Purchase a Value Pass to save money this spring and summer. Value Passes includes Zoo admission, unlimited walks through the Prehistoric Beasts exhibit, a souvenir conservation bracelet, and unlimited carousel rides.

By visiting the Houston Zoo to see Prehistoric Beasts, guests help save animals in the wild.

For more information visit, or call 713-533-6500.