‘The Texas Bucket List’ host shares favorite moments and what’s to come ahead of 200th episode

HOUSTON – The award-winning TV series ”The Texas Bucket List” shares the joy, wonder, beauty and excitement of Texas. Each week, host Shane McAuliffe sets out to add more people, places, food and music to a list that every Texan should experience. McAuliffe shared some of his favorite moments and what’s still to come as the show hits a big milestone: the 200th episode.

“I was hoping this show would last a couple years - just enough time to experience some of the incredible things that the Lone Star State has to offer,” said McAuliffe. “Thankfully viewership has been unreal. People are so enamored with Texas that this show has even gone on to become a national show on RFD-TV.”

As arguably the most easily identifiable state in the U.S., it’s no wonder the show is such a hit. With so many miles to cover, such a rich history, diverse communities and mouth-watering food there’s plenty for the series to feature.

“It’s just been an amazing blessing to be able to share the stories of Texas because not only is our show a travel show, it’s also a people show where we get to tell the stories of the people across the Lone Star State,” said McAuliffe.

“The Texas Bucket List” first aired in 2013 and has 16 seasons under its Texas-sized belt buckle. When asked about some of his favorite moments and places visited during the show, McAuliffe understandably couldn’t choose just one.

“There have been so many to count. Obviously, Texas history is big for me, but anytime we go to West Texas, for some reason that’s a part of the state that just speaks to me. It’s so beautiful, so different from the rest of the state,” said McAuliffe.

And if you want to go deep in the heart of Texas where the stars at night are big and bright, McAuliffe has just the place.

“One of the biggest things I’ve wanted to do since I started the show was go to the McDonald Observatory and see the stars,” said McAuliffe. “You’re out there and you feel so small. It makes you realize how short this journey is, how fast this journey is and how our time on earth is very short. You want to appreciate every minute.”

McAuliffe attended both high school and college in Houston, Texas. As a Clutch City connoisseur, we had to ask him to share his favorite H-Town spot.

“My most recent favorite spot, we featured a few years back, maybe a year or two ago, was the Turkey Leg Hut. That place has got some of the best turkey legs I’ve ever had in my life,” said McAuliffe. “When we featured the Shrimp Alfredo Turkey Leg I about fell off my chair. I was like, ‘This is unreal. They should not make food like this.’”

Of course viewers are expecting something big, Texas-sized to be exact, for the show’s 200th episode. McAuliffe says they will not disappoint.

“We counted up the dates and figured out that the 200th episode would air on March 6 – a serendipitous date because that’s the same day The Alamo fell 185 years ago this year. So, we decided that this whole show has to be nothing but Texas history,” said McAuliffe.

For the full interview, watch the video above. To catch the 200th episode, tune into KPRC 2 on Saturday, March 6 at 5 p.m. For more info, visit “The Texas Bucket List” website.

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