How to help ‘Kids’ Meals’ replace lost food due to power outages

This nonprofit delivers healthy meals to thousands of hungry children in Houston

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HOUSTON – The nonprofit “Kids’ Meals” has been fighting hunger in Houston since 2016 providing free, healthy meals to preschool-aged children who live in extreme poverty.

Last week, they were stocked and ready to feed thousands of hungry kids, but the winter storm emergency happened, and like many people in Texas, they lost food supplies due to this week’s power outages.

Beth Harp, executive director with Kids’ Meals, Inc., explained how the community can help them restock to aid those in dire need.

Kids' Meals, Inc. (Kids' Meals, Inc.)

Kids’ Meals lost all meat, cheese, milk, juice, and much of its bread and need help to resume delivery of 6,400 meals on Monday.

Today, we were finally able to get back into our building to assess losses. At this point, we are essentially starting from scratch. We have been desperately trying to get the word out and raise funds in order to get new food supplies. Thanks to so many of you coming together, and our friends at the Houston Texans we will have our first food distribution tomorrow for 80-100 families and are working towards resuming full deliveries to 6400 children on Monday. The rebuilding is far from over, and the needs will be extraordinary in the coming weeks as we lost all of our meat, cheese, milk, juice, and much of our bread. This crisis has heightened child food insecurity in our city and we need you now more than ever. If you can, please donate so we can continue delivering not just meals but hope to Houston’s hungriest children. You can donate here: https://www.giveffect.com/checkout/4136

Posted by Kids' Meals, Inc. on Thursday, February 18, 2021

“We’re in recovery mode right now. We’re barely touching it with the need out there. We just need Houston’s help right now. If they can come volunteer, if they can donate, if they can do a food drive us,” said Harp about all the efforts to help them.

To donate or volunteer to Kids’ Meals, click here.

To see Harp’s complete interview, watch the video below.

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