MTV Wild ‘N Out and Social Media Star Funny Mike opens creative studio for the youth

300 Thousand Dollar creative graffiti art work project to inspire and encourage

HOUSTON – Wild ‘n Out and Youtube star Funny Mike has teamed up with content creator, curator and social media maven Armani Izadi/Graffiti Mansion to create “FUNNY MIKE STUDIOS”. The 7000ft warehouse, content site and music studio just outside of Houston is being “graffitied” by the world renowned Graffiti Mansion crew ran by Armani Izadi. Izadi’s team is filled with the top graffiti artist from across the U.S. and abroad and is known for its creative and eye-catching ideas. Funny Mike is one of the top “Youtube Influencers” to date with his personal youtube page raking in over a 1.2 BILLION views and 6.3 MILLION subscribers.

Funny Mike is an American comedian, YouTuber, rapper and social media maven. He has used monikers such as Young 22, Mighty Mike and 22 Savage. Mikes Maine Youtube channel boast 6.31M subscribers and 1.2 BILLION views. His second channel ‘FunnyMike&Jaliyah’ is a joint effort with his girlfriend and Youtube personality Jaliyah. Mike’s musical projects include “Savage Mode” and “Nothing 2 Live 4”. He became a cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out in 2018.

Arman Izadi is an American businessman, leading hospitality entrepreneur and renowned social media insider. Recognized as one of the worlds most successful avatars of viral media, he has built a team that has curated and powered the highest grossing nightclubs in the world, from Macau to Hollywood to Las Vegas, and has been instrumental in helping them achieve staggering margins.

Graffiti Mansion creates the most unique activations that bring pop culture to life in visually captivating displays. Graffiti Mansion is a powerful movement that transcends the barriers so prevalent in our modern world and stretches across broad but maneuverable key demographics and defining metrics. Graffiti Mansions driving impetus from the very beginning, simply stated, has been to create a unique platform of brand-able one-of-a-kind experiences centered upon a strong sense of community, artistic expression, and creative ingenuity with the end goal to foster an enveloped audience upon which to deliver our art alongside their partners’ branded message.

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