Bounce your way into a new body with a free and unique intro fitness class

Bounce Fit Club offering alternative workout packed with lots of energy and fun

Try bouncing your way into your new body with a fun and unique workout.

HOUSTON – Skip the traditional workouts and try bouncing into shape with the Bounce Fit Club in Missouri City. This is a high intensity but low impact cardio workout that burns up to 800 calories/hour, tones muscles and has over 30 other health benefits.

Top Benefits of Rebounding with Kangoo Boots:

*Reduces impact to joints and bones by 80%

*Burns 25% more calories than other cardio

*Builds and Tones Muscles

*Increases Stamina and Builds Endurance

*Improves Metabolism

*Improves Circulation

*Relieves Stress and Increase Productivity

*Helps Detox and Cleanse Body Naturally

*Encourages Deeper Sleep Cycles

*Strengthen Core and Improves Postures

Click here to register for their free intro to bounce class and start bouncing back into shape with this fun fitness program.