Texas actress YaYa Gosselin on her star-making role on Netflix’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’

She’s the leader of The Heroics on Robert Rodriguez’s latest film

HOUSTON – Since its release on Christmas, Netflix’s latest superhero film “We Can Be Heroes” has been one of the most popular streamed movies in America -- and its star -- is an 11-year-old actress from Texas.

Her name is YaYa Gosselin and she talked to Houston life about this incredible experience playing whip-smart tween Missy Moreno.

We Can Be Heroes. Yaya Gosselin as Missy Moreno in We Can Be Heroes. Cr. Ryan Green/NETFLIX © 2020 (© 2020 Netflix, Inc.)

The film follows YaYa’s character’s journey as a young member of a superhero team called The Heroics, and the help she receives along the way from the other young Heroics in the group to save their parents and the world.

We Can Be Heroes (Netflix)

“It was such an amazing work environment. Production actually took place in Austin, so my house was only 3 hours away from set. It was so great. So, when they say, ‘You made it to Hollywood’ I’m like, ‘not just yet,”’ said Gosselin, who acted alongside Priyanka Chopra, Christian Slater and Pedro Pascal in the superhero movie filmed at Troublemaker Studios.

Gosselin was only 10 years old when she auditioned, but wise beyond her years — which was exactly why she was cast, according to film director Robert Rodriguez.

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