Soaring high with aerial workouts at ‘The Artz’

Feel light as a feather as you burn calories with fun exercises in the air

HoustonThe Artz opened their doors in June of 2016 and after being open for nearly 5 years, the Artz has created a community for children, teens, and adults centered around inspiration, encouragement, and creativity.

The Artz offers classes for all ages, starting as young as three years old. Here, you can find disciplines in aerial silk, lyra, trapeze, hammock, and many more!

The Artz also offers a variety of circus classes, ranging from hand balancing to contortion. Finally, the latest addition to the studio’s schedule includes all genres of dance classes. Beyond children and adult classes, The Artz also houses Growin’ Up Circus- an elite circus program for kids and teens. Whether you’re an aspiring Cirque du Soleil performer or you’re just looking for a fun way to stay fit, The Artz has a class for you!

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