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Punching into the new year with Baby Bull Boxing

Learning all about the true skill of boxing while focusing on fitness

Focusing on real boxing skills and fitness for the new year

HOUSTONBaby Bull Boxing is not your typical boxing gym and you don’t have to be training to go pro in order to join them. Their expert trainers will share their range of knowledge on boxing sills and fitness training to help you achieve your goals.

With techniques and experience perfected over 20 years of training world class boxers, you’ll unlock your best in a fun, safe, and supportive environment no matter your experience or fitness level. Baby Bull Boxing is also home to four time Lightweight World Champion, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz and #1 Team USA flyweight boxer Virginia “Ginny” Fuchs. Baby Bull Boxing offers classes and training for fitness minded individuals, as well as amateur and professional athletes.

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