Meet Houston native and Peloton instructor, Tunde Oyeneyin, a powerhouse on the bike

HOUSTON – We love to shine a spotlight on our Houstonians doing amazing things and this star fitness trainer is one we’re excited for you to meet.

If you don’t know Tunde Oyeneyin yet, you will now.

Tunde spent 12 years as a makeup artist in L.A., she’s going on her second year as a Peloton instructor in New York City, but Houston will always be home.

She is of Nigerian decent and grew up in Katy where she attended Taylor High School.

She’s living her best life in New York City and is a real powerhouse on the bike! A class with Tunde will never lack a great playlist and a positive message that goes beyond physical fitness.

Not only does Tunde help thousands of riders achieve their fitness goals, she’s also an advocate for everyone to use their voice and share their stories of adversity through her platform, S.P.E.A.K.

Make sure to catch Tunde on the bike, we promise you will not want to miss her! You can also take Bike Bootcamp classes with her as well.

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