GYM HACK: This Houston company is the ultimate fitness resource for all of your garage gym needs


A local exercise equipment company is on a mission to motivate and inspire Houstonians to adopt fitness as a lifestyle.

During COVID, many people have been skipping the gym, but today we’ve got the ultimate fitness tip for all your garage gym needs. You don’t even need to worry about leaving your home!

Owner of FDHTX, Lee McLaren shares how simple it is to create a sled pull for just $25, no matter your fitness level.

“Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.” – McLaren


Materials needed:

  • 1 tire
  • 2 washers
  • 1 eyebolt with nut
  • 1 plate for extra weight (optional)
  • 1 harness

“The reason I love sleds is a couple reasons. First and foremost, anyone can do it! It doesn’t require a lot of skill. Also, it’s a full body workout so you can really maximize your time, plus they are really safe. They don’t have explosive type movements.”

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