Meet the Sugar Land mom delivering hope one pair of shoes at a time

Her charity Sole Loved helps at-risk kids who need proper shoes

Shoes donations from Sole Loved
Shoes donations from Sole Loved (Sole Loved)

HOUSTON – A Sugar Land woman is on a mission to help those in need this back-to-school season, one step at time.

Stacy Bourgeois, CEO and founder of Sole Loved, shared details on her inspiring non-profit and how we can help.

To watch Bourgeois’s complete interview watch the video below.

Bourgeois began collecting gently used shoes from friends and neighbors take to the homeless population in downtown Houston.

She then heard about that same need right in her own backyard and decided to help.

“I was asked by a social worker in our school district who asked if we had ever gotten children’s shoes, which we have not. She told me about the need in her school district and asked me if we could get some shoes together for their back-to school event. After some fundraisers and a shoe drive, we were able to get enough shoes together to put on hundreds of feet at that event, “said Bourgeois, a mom of three.

“That event for me was the eye-opener” she said about why she decided to shift the focus of their efforts.

Sole Loved was officially found in August of 2017 and they now work closely with teachers, nurses and social workers in schools across our area.

“Our primary focus now is to ensure that every child that needs a pair of shoes to attend school has one. We partner with Title 1 or low-income schools throughout Houston, but concentrate our efforts in Fort Bend County because that’s where we are located,” said Bourgeois, who explained how her non-profit works.

Sole loved
Sole loved (Sole Loved)

“Last year, we partnered with 26 schools across 6 districts. School nurses and social workers reach out to me when they identify a student in need, and I deliver the shoes. If there is a parent, grandparent or guardian that knows a kid in need, they can contact their school counselor or nurse to see if Sole Loved comes to their school,” she said.

Kid receives new shoes from Sole Loved
Kid receives new shoes from Sole Loved (Sole Loved)

If you want to help Sole Loved, you can donate here.

They will also host a shoe drive where you can drop off new shoes.

The event will happen Sunday, Sept. 6 from 9 a.m. to Noon at Greatwood Recreation Center

on 7225 Greatwood Parkway, Sugar Land.

You can also donate a pair of shoes from this Amazon wish list, and Sole Loved will receive them directly.

Sole Loved
Sole Loved (Sole Loved)

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