This Houstonian has the incredible ability to communicate with any animal

HOUSTON – Have you ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you?

Animal communicator, Ali Katz shares how to develop a deeper relationship with our pets through meditation.

We even get the 411 on the inner thoughts of our adorable Tex, and Courtney’s sweet pup, Oscar.

But first, we want you to get to know Ali, a little better.


  • Has taught meditation for 6 years
  • Has written 3 books: “Hot Mess to Minful Mom” series
  • Has 2 boys
  • Has 2 dogs: Lacy and Gizmo who are both rescues
  • Has been an animal communication for 1 year
  • Can talk to any kind of animal
  • Has spoken to dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs and even a gecko


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