5 things you need to know to keep your dog safe during hurricane season

Are pets included in your emergency plan for hurricane season?

HOUSTON S – You’re probably aware by now that Hurricane Laura is expected to land near the Texas-Louisiana border Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

It’s a great reminder to prepare ourselves and our dogs for hurricane season.

“It’s not that hard, but it is something that we typically tend to forget,” said Stephanie Bennett, owner of Believe in Dog Training, who shared 5 things you can do now before a disaster hits, to keep your dogs safe in case of emergency.

Dog holding leash in mouth (iStock)

1. Prepare a pet emergency kit

“All these items could easily fit into a backpack, just depending on how much you need,” said Bennett, who recommends a two-week supply for food and medications.

“I always like to make sure to include my Heartgard and my flea preventative, because when it rains the mosquitoes are really bad, and heartworm does come from mosquito bites. So, make sure you always have your preventative,” said Bennett.

Here’s the checklist of the items you will need in the kit:

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