New website helps people find and enjoy hundreds of wonderful murals throughout Houston

HOUSTON – You’ve seen pictures of some of the great art work around town, or maybe you’ve even driven by them a few times...but do you actually know where your favorite Houston murals are located?

Elia Quiles, co-owner of ‘Up Art Studio’ helped create the website HoustonMuralMap.com (along with website developer Alex Barber, among many others) with information and locations for hundreds of murals and art installations across Houston.

Almost 1000 art installations are now just one click away!

This map includes 500+ murals sourced by our network of artists, community partners, and volunteer mural hunters. It also includes over 250 Mini Murals.

You can easily click each pin on the map, to see it and learn about the mural and the artist (if known).

The site even allows you to add a mural, or report issues, changes, and updates.

What’s your favorite Houston mural??

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