Quarantine hair care: 3 things you can do now to prolong a trip to the salon

Joseph Maine, celebrity hair stylist, shares his secrets to help you get healthy, beautiful hair at home.

HOUSTON – Joseph Maine, celebrity hair stylist, shares his secrets for healthy, beautiful hair at home and it all starts with using the right shampoo.

Look for one that’s crystal clear and avoid products that promise things like moisturizing, repairing or volumizing.

Avoid bad shampoos

Those shampoos usually have a pearly, murky or iridescent consistency – meaning they can leave things behind on your hair.

Joseph says these things can really impede healthy hair growth and even dull hair colors, meaning your hair is never really getting cleaned!

Remember, a healthy scalp = bright hair color!

His favorite product is Color Wow Color Security Shampoo.

It’s sulfate-free and works great for color-treated hair.

Protect your hair

He also recommends a leave-in treatment or DIY mask to really protect and strengthen damaged or processed hair.

Olaplex No. 3 is a bond building treatment.

Joseph recommends putting it in your hair before you shampoo, and a little goes a long way.

For colored hair or hair lacking moisture, Color Wow Cocktails can help with specific leave-in treatments.

All you have to do is just put it in your hair after you shampoo it, you leave it in wet hair and blow dry it throughout.

The more you use it, the better your hair will feel.

DIY mask treatments

Create your own hair mask at home using ingredients you probably have in your kitchen like bananas, avocados, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil.

Because those are natural ingredients you will want to shampoo those out after treatment. They are not something you want to leave in.

“So mix up your mask, leave it on for a good ten minutes and then shampoo and condition. It’s not going to be your third step – it’s going to be your first,” Joseph explains.

Touch up your roots

Finally, if you have overgrown roots, try a root cover-up or dry shampoo with colored pigments.

These easy additions to your beauty routine can help stretch your color further between salon visits.

Joseph recommends Color Wow Root Cover Up and Batiste Tinted Dry Shampoo.

He says try not to color your hair if you can avoid it.

“It’s not because the application can go wrong, but it’s because the drugstore brand hair colors are filled with ingredients that layer up on your hair. They have metallics in them and a number of other things, that are kind of a one-size-fits-all to make sure they work for everyone, so they can really layer on your hair and make your hair texture terrible.”

For more hair styling tips and tricks, follow Joseph on Instagram or visit his website.

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