‘U Do It Auto Repair’ is a self-service auto garage perfect for DIY’ers

HOUSTON – ‘U Do It Auto Repair’ is a self-service auto garage, that is an alternative method to your standard car maintenance solution.

With 3 locations around Houston, they allow customers to rent their facility by the hour to perform their own maintenance on their vehicles or motorcycle/atv.

‘U Do It Auto Repair’ will supply you with all of the tools you will need, safety equipment, and shop equipment. Plus, skilled technicians will answer any questions you have and give pointers to ensure each DIY’er has a successful outcome.

They also have women’s-only auto classes! So for anyone who feels uncomfortable or intimidated, the female auto techs will easily break down exactly how to perform certain tasks.

Get more info about ‘U Do It Auto Repair,’ HERE.

Watch above as Marcus and Rachel teach Lauren Kelly how to change a tire.

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