Houston group The Suffers will uplift your mood with ‘Take Me to the Good Times’

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HOUSTON – After a challenging year, Houston-based band The Suffers is back in the spotlight with brand new music.

The group is known for its soulful music and high energy performances, commanded by lead singer Kam Franklin, who shared details about the new single “Take Me To The Good Times.”

“Through everything we went through, including having $40,000 dollars’ worth of gear stolen last year, we persevered because that’s what we do. Now we’re back with new music and hopefully an overall new vibe that uplifts people,” said Franklin, vocalist of the eight-piece soul, funk and R&B group.

The Suffers (Patty Lennon)

“I have grown to really appreciate every challenge, every milestone, everything that we’ve had to push through because it’s almost as if all of those lessons have come back later on,” said Franklin, frontwoman of the critically acclaimed band.

“Take Me to the Good Times,” was written before the pandemic, but the energy feels appropriate for social distancing times.

“We’re so grateful to be here because we know there’s been so many bands that have tried and failed and we know that COVID-19 is going to have an extreme effect on artists and their artistry in different ways. For me, it’s actually allowed me to thrive as far as getting these creative ideas out that I necessarily wouldn’t have been able to get out in a timely way because of being of the road,” said Franklin, who co-wrote the song that’s now available on all digital platforms.

The Gulf Coast soul band has been able to stay relevant and create amazing music for almost a decade.

“The Suffers turned nine this year and as an independent band with so many members in it, with so many different personalities, you don’t really see that anywhere. You don’t see that camaraderie, you don’t see that love, you don’t see that level of diversity coming from a group,” said Franklin.

To see Franklin’s complete interview and performance, watch the video above.

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