3 tips to help you get organized while working from home

HOUSTON – Konmari consultant and ‘Simply Maven’ business owner Ashley Barber has been working from home for quite some time. Along with watching her kids, getting her work done, and completing household chores, Ashley is sharing some great suggestions for anyone who needs help utilizing and organizing their space at home. 

From choosing your space, to setting up dedicated work time, and of course, helping with those at-home distractions, here are 3 of Ashley’s tips:

  • 1. Create a designated spot and set it up for success. Do a thorough edit of everything that needs to go in the space give all the items a home. Simply Maven’s DIY online program, The Office Detox, provides step-by-step guidance to create a space for you to do your best work.
  • 2. Create a framework or system of when you will (and won’t) work and have a ritual or some action that sets your focus when you start and stop your work time.
  • 3. Pick ONE thing you need to get done during the time. Good organization is really about prioritization. Focus on your #1 task first, before turning to remaining to-dos with any leftover time.
Cleaning up your workspace is very helpful.
Cleaning up your workspace is very helpful. (Copyright 2020 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

For more of Ashley’s helpful tips check out her business, Simply Maven.

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