Local author helps kids express their emotions through her colorful books

Camryn Wells has two children's books out that are as beautiful to look at as they are fun to read.

Have you ever tried talking to your young kids about their emotions? It isn’t easy, and it’s even more complicated if your kids are too young to find the right words to describe how they feel.

Local author and mom of two, Camryn Wells, is hoping to make these conversations easier with the help of her two children’s books: ‘What Color Is Your Day,' and ‘The Memory of Play.'

‘What Color Is Your Day’ was inspired by her youngest son, who at that time, had a lot of big emotions to work through. In order to help him understand emotions, Camryn used color association. Colors helped pinpoint how he was feeling.

‘The Memory Of Play’ is about a child telling an adult how to play again. It’s a sweet reminder to adults what it’s like to play, and how to incorporate that into everyday life.

To find both of Camryn’s books, click HERE, and HERE.

About the Author:

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