10-year-old baker from Katy turns playtime with dad into a business

The young entrepreneur sells healthy treats and cookies in the Houston area

HOUSTON – For many families, spending time together in the kitchen is one of their most cherished dad and daughter activities.

But for 10-year-old Makai Walker, baking with dad has turned into something more serious than just bonding time.

“I’m the owner of Kai’s Baking Studio, and what I do is we make keto-friendly things for people who are on a diet or need to lose some weight or for other health situations. We also have gluten-free options for people with allergies. Dairy-free options for people who have dairy allergies, like me. We also make traditional cookies,” said Makai, who explained how she got started in baking.

“When I was 2, I started baking my birthday cake with my mom and dad. I really liked baking and then I kept doing it, baking my cakes and liked helping them,” said Makai.

“When she was 6, she started baking completely solo because she actually memorized the recipes. I would say, ‘what’s next’ and she should be like “we put flour, we put this, and we put that. And she had the whole thing memorized,‘” said her dad, Roderick Walker, who’s also part of the business.

“My role in the business is pretty much everything; baking cookies, selling things at the market, bagging things up, and going to buy the things to make them,” said Makai.

“The role of my dad is pretty much baking, putting it in the oven because I don’t want to hurt myself or burn myself or anything. And just being there to support me,” said Makai, who has impressed her father with this endeavor.

“Kai has had a tremendous evolution as a young lady. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow and develop,” said the happy dad.

“She does sales presentations. People think this can’t be her business, and she then knows about all the products. She sells, she adds sales, she adds things like ‘you might want to try this, you might want to try that,’ and you never really get a chance to see that. And sometimes she rises to the occasion,” said Walker, who is proud of the skills she has learned and their shared love of baking.

“My daughter wouldn’t have learned the gifts that I’ve been able to show her if she didn’t have a passion. Just sharing those things with her is important to me. If you can’t spend time with your children somebody else will,” said Walker, who has excelled in raising a daughter which appreciates all that’s he’s done to help her out.

“I want to thank my dad for teaching me all that I know now, teaching me how to work my business, how to be an entrepreneur. Thank you for helping me learn all the recipes,” said Makai.

You can find Kai’s Baking Studio at farmer’s markets throughout the city.

For a calendar of where they’re going to be, click here.

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