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‘I woke up today very proud to be a Houstonian’: rapper Bun B reflects on city’s march for George Floyd

Houston Rapper Bun B shares personal thoughts on peaceful protest for George Floyd | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2
Houston Rapper Bun B shares personal thoughts on peaceful protest for George Floyd | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

HOUSTON – On Tuesday, approximately 60,000 people came together in downtown Houston to join the family of George Floyd in a peaceful march towards City Hall. Houston rapper Bun B along with fellow rapper Trae tha Truth helped organize the event alongside Floyd’s family members. Bun B was one the first speakers to address the crowd.


Posted by Bun B on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“Houston is unified. Houston stands together in solidarity against racism, against police brutality, against racial injustice,” said Bun B.

Despite the large mass of people, the crowd became silent as event speakers stepped up to the podium to be heard. The march has been praised by many, including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, for how peaceful the event was as a whole.

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“I woke up today very proud to be a Houstonian. I’m so proud of my city and the way we stood together yesterday,” said Bun B. “You can look at the diversity of the crowd that gathered yesterday, and I do think that the message is starting to resonate more and more with people.”

For many seeking direction on how best to respond to current events through social media or interactions with friends and family, Bun B says try to find ways to have the dialogue with other people.

“It’s a tough conversation, and it’s uncomfortable, but it has to happen,” said Bun B. “I can guarantee you that it’s a lot more uncomfortable to be a victim of injustice in this country than it is to have a conversation about injustice in this country.”

With concerns of violent protesting and looting surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, Bun B was proud that yesterday’s peaceful march proved that Houston could come together and be heard in unison.

60,000 people strong. It hit different when we stand united. #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Posted by Bun B on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

“There would probably be a lot of people who would like to tell us what Houston is and how Houston is, but I’m glad that we were able to show them how Houston is. You know, numbers don’t lie,” said Bun B.

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