Have you tried the candy temptation challenge on your kids yet?

There's a new viral challenge going around on social media, and this one is to test the patience and willpower of your kids! Would yours pass of fail?

HOUSTON – Have you guys seen the kids candy temptation challenge on your newsfeeds lately?

The object is pretty easy: a parent puts some candy (or any other delicious snack) in front of their little one, and then tells them they can have some…BUT ONLY AFTER THEY COME BACK FROM LEAVING THE ROOM.

This challenge is so funny, mainly because most of the kids FAIL with flying colors.

Hey, we can’t blame ‘em.

Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi was one of the first to try it...and she PASSED!

Watch as these adorable kids straight up lose all of their willpower when no one’s watching!